CS 162: Operating Systems and System Programming

Instructor: John Kubiatowicz
Lecture: TuTh 5:00-6:30PM, 2050 VLSB

Schedule (Tentative)

1Tu 01/211Overview, User/Kernel virtualization, HW management, protected sharing [ppt]A&D Ch 1Release HW0: Intro (Due 1/31)
Th 01/232Four Fundamental Concepts of Operating Systems [ppt]A&D Ch 2.1-7,10; skim 8.1
F 01/24Section 0: Tools, x86, and C
Autograder Registration Deadline
2M 01/27 Optional Review Session 6-8pm Soda 306 (HP Auditorium) [Slides]
Tu 01/283Process concepts, mechanisms, and representation [ppt]A&D Ch 3, 4.4-6
Th 01/304Threads, Concurrency, and Synchronization [ppt]A&D 5.1-3, 5.7.1
F 01/31Section 1: OS Concepts, Processes, Threads
HW0 DueDrop Deadline (Early)
Sat 02/01Release HW1: Lists (Due 02/07)
3M 02/03
Release Project 1: User Programs
Individual assignment: Sam's Project Pregame
Tu 02/045Concurrency and Mutual Exclusion [ppt]A&D 5Group Creation Deadline, Group Section Preference (form) Deadline
Th 02/06CLASS CANCELLED: Prof KUBI is Sick!
F 02/07Section 2
HW1 Due
Sat 02/08Release HW2: Threads (Due 02/14)
4M 02/10 Optional Review Session 5-8pm Cory 540ABDesign Doc Due
Tu 02/116Synchronization: locks and Semaphores [ppt]A&D 5
Th 02/137Semaphores, Monitors and readers/writers [ppt]A&D 5Lecture Video: Click HERE
F 02/14Section 3
HW 2 Due
Sat 02/15Release HW3: Shell (Due 02/21)
5Tu 02/188Introduction to I/O, Sockets, Networking [ppt]A&D 3.1-3, 5.8, 11.1-2
W 02/19
Th 02/209Sockets/Networking (Con't), Scheduling [ppt]A&D 7.2-8
F 02/21Section 4
Sat 02/22Study for midterm
6M 02/24HW3 Due
Tu 02/2510Scheduling (Con't), DeadlockA&D Ch 6
Th 02/27Midterm I 7-9pm (No class) Midterm I (No class): Time TBA
F 02/28Section 5
Sat 02/29Release HW4: HTTP Server (Due 03/06)
Sun 03/01Code Due
7M 03/02
Tu 03/0312Address TranslationA&D Ch 8Final Report Due
W 03/04Release Project 2: Scheduling (Scheduling Lab)
Th 03/0513Virtual MemoryA&D Ch 9
F 03/06Section 6HW 4 Due
Sat 03/07Release HW5: Malloc (Due 03/13)
8M 03/09
Tu 03/1014Paging, Mapping devices, relationship to schedulingA&D Ch 9
W 03/11Design Doc Due
Th 03/1215Virtual Machines, CgroupsA&D Ch 10 and 3Easy App B
F 03/13Section 7HW 5 Due
Sat 03/14Release HW6: Stack Extension (Due 03/20)
9M 03/16
Tu 03/1716I/O, Controllers, Device DriversA&D Ch 11
Th 03/1917Storage Devices, Basic File System Design (FAT)A&D Ch 12
F 03/20Section 8HW6 Due
Sat 03/21Release HW7: SBRK and the Heap (Due 04/03)
10Tu 03/24Spring Recess (No classes)
Th 03/26Spring Recess (No classes)
11M 03/30Code Due
Tu 03/3118Advanced File System Design: indexing & layout (FFS, NTFS, COW)A&D Ch 13
W 04/01Final Report Due
Th 04/02Midterm II (No class) Midterm II (No class): Time TBA
F 04/03Section 9HW7 DueRelease Project 3: File Systems
Sat 04/04Release HW8: KV Stores Part 1 (Due 04/10)
12M 04/06
Tu 04/0719Buffering, Reliability, Transactions, Log structures, MMAPA&D Ch 14
W 04/08
Th 04/0920Distributed File SystemsA&D 7.5, NFS
F 04/10Section 10HW8 DueDesign Doc Due
Sat 04/11Release HW9: KV Stores Part 2 (Due 04/17)
13M 04/13
Tu 04/1421Key-Value, 2-phase CommitChord
Th 04/1622Containers, Orchestration (Will)Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes
F 04/17Section 11HW9 Due
14M 04/20
Tu 04/2123Formalizing 2PC, ByzantineDistributed Systems for Fun and Profit (Ch 1, 2, 4)
Th 04/2324Networking, End-to-EndEnd to End
F 04/24Section 12
15M 04/27Checkpoint 1
Tu 04/2825Security Protocols, SSH, OAuthOperating System Concepts Ch 15, or web
Th 04/30Midterm III (No class) Midterm III (No class): Time TBA
F 05/01Section 13
16M 05/04RRRCode Due
Tu 05/0526Optional Lecture (Topic TBA)None
W 05/06Final Report Due
Th 05/07RRRNo Meeting
17F 05/15Final Exam Slot (11:30A - 2:30P)Location TBA

Weekly Schedule (Lecture and Sections)

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:30 DIS 101: 126 Wheeler (Alex Wu) DIS 102: 124 Wheeler (Sarah)
10:00-10:30 DIS 104: 224 Wheeler (Akshat) DIS 103: 120 Wheeler (Sarah)
11:00-11:30 DIS 105: 3119 Etcheverry (Neil) DIS 106: 102 Latimer (Annie)
12:00-12:30 DIS 107: 126 Wheeler (Alex Thomas) DIS 114: 120 Wheeler (Akshat)
1:00-1:30 DIS 108: 289 Cory (Alex Thomas) DIS 109: 3105 Etcheverry (Annie)
2:00-2:30 DIS 110: 283 Dwinelle (Alan) DIS 111: 83 Dwinelle (Yiming) DIS 115: 254 Dwinelle (Neil)
3:00-3:30 DIS 112: 246 Dwinelle (Alan) DIS 113: 247 Dwinelle (Yiming)
5:00-5:30 LEC: 2050 VLSB LEC: 2050 VLSB

Please note that all events start 10 minutes after they are listed on the above calendar due to Berkeley time.

Office Hours

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