CS162: Operating Systems and Systems Programming

Instructor: Ion Stoica
Lecture: MW 5:00-6:30PM, 155 Dwinelle

Schedule (Tentative)

WeekDay#TitleReading/SectionHW AssignedProjectEvent
1W 08/221Intro to CS162 [ppt]A&D Ch1HW0: Executable
due 9/04
2M 08/272Introduction to the Process [ppt]A&D CH2.1-7, 3.1-3
Tu 08/28Section 1: Tools
W 08/293Processes, Fork [ppt]A&D CH2.8-9, 3.1-3
F 08/31Early Drop Deadline! (Must drop course by today!)

Drop Deadline

3M 09/03Labor Day (Holiday)HW1: Basic Shell
due 9/17
Tu 09/04Section 2: Processes
W 09/054I/O, Files, Sockets, Networking [ppt]A&D 2.10-11, 3.4-6, 11.1-2
F 09/07Group Creation Deadline
4M 09/105Concurrency: Processes and Threads [ppt]Threads releaseGroup TA Preference Deadline
Tu 09/11Section 3: Syscalls, I/O
W 09/126Cooperating threads, Synchronization [ppt]A&D Ch 4.1-5, OSC 2.7, 3.6
5M 09/177Mutual Exclusion, Lock Implementation [ppt]A&D Ch 4.5-10, OSC Ch 6 HW2: HTTP Server
due 10/08
Tu 09/18Section 4: Threads
W 09/198Synchronization: Locks, Semaphores [ppt]A&D 5.1-9
"The Bug Heard 'round the World,"
"Medical Devices: The Therac-25"
Initial Design Doc Due
6M 09/249Synchronization: Condition Variables, Readers/Writers [ppt]A&D 5.4, 5.7
Tu 09/25Section 5: Thread Synchronization
W 09/2610Advanced Scheduling [ppt]A&D 7.1
Sat 09/29Midterm I Review: 12:00 - 3:00 PM (GPB 100)
7M 10/01Midterm I (No class): 5:00-6:30PM (TBD)Midterm I (No class): 5:00-6:30PM (See Piazza for rooms)
Tu 10/02Section 6: Synchronization and Scheduling
W 10/0311Deadlock, Address Translation, Virtual Memory [ppt]A&D 2.7, 6.5, 7.2-5, 8.1-2
F 10/05Code Due
8M 10/0812Address Translation [ppt]A&D 8.3, 9.1-7HW3: Malloc
due 10/29
Final Report Due
Tu 10/09Section 7: Scheduling and Fairness
W 10/1013Address Translation (cont'd), Caching [ppt] Userprog release
9M 10/1514Caching (finished), Demand Paging [ppt]A&D 9.6-7
Tu 10/16Section 8: Address Translation and Pintos Wait-Exit
W 10/1715Demand Paging (finished), I/O start [ppt]Initial Design Doc Due
10M 10/2216Demand Paging (finished), I/O start [ppt]OSC 13.1-5, A&D 11.1-4, 12, A&D 12.1, 7.5
Tu 10/23Section 9: Cache, Clock Algorithm, Banker's Algorithm and Demand Paging
W 10/2417Input/Output, I/O Layers, Storage DevicesI/O Performance and Low-level Optimization [ppt]A&D 12-12.3, Fast File System
Sat 10/27Midterm II Review: 12:00 - 3:00 PM (VLSB 2060) [Slides]
11M 10/29Midterm II (No class): 5:00-6:30pm (TBD)Midterm II (No Class): 5:00-6:30PM (See piazza)
Tu 10/30Section 10: Intro to I/O, Device Drivers, File Systems, FAT, and Queuing Theory
W 10/3118File SystemsDesign: Concept to FAT, Advanced File Systems: FFS, NTFS, COW [ppt]
F 11/02Code Due
12M 11/0519FileSystems (finished), MMAP [ppt]Final Report Due
Tu 11/06Section 11: File Systems and Reliability, Two Phase Commit
W 11/0720Reliability, Transactions, Distributed system [ppt]Dist Sys: RPC,
The Byzantine Generals Problem.
File Systems release
13M 11/12Veterans Day (Holiday)
Tu 11/13 Section 12: TCP and Distributed Systems
W 11/1421Layering, End-to-End Argument [ppt]End-to-End Arguments in System DesignInitial Design Doc Due
14M 11/1922Reliable Messaging, Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), Distributed Decision MakingMidterm III Review - TBD
Tu 11/20No section (Thanksgiving)
W 11/21Thanksgiving (Holiday)
15M 11/2623Key Value Stores, Security
Tu 11/27Project Office Hours instead of Section
W 11/28Midterm III (No class): 5:00-6:30PM (TBD)Midterm III (No class): 5:00-6:30PM (TBD)
16M 12/03RRNo MeetingCode Due
Tu 12/04RRNo Meeting
W 12/05RRNo MeetingReport Due
17F 12/14No Final Exam

Weekly Schedule (Lecture and Sections)

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9:00-9:30 DIS 110: 405 Soda (William)
11:00-11:30 DIS 101: 289 Cory (William)
12:00-12:30 DIS 102: 220 Wheeler (Jason) DIS 108: 136 Barrows (Yang)
2:00-2:30 DIS 103: 24 Wheeler (Jason) DIS 104: 224 Wheeler (Eric Hou) DIS 109: 179 Stanley (Alex)
3:00-3:30 DIS 105: 30 Wheeler (Devin) DIS 111: 283 Dwinelle (Eric Zhou)
4:00-4:30 DIS 106: 126 Wheeler (Alon) DIS 112: 251 Dwinelle (Eric Zhou) DIS 113: 250 Dwinelle (Eric Hou)
5:00-5:30 LEC: 155 Dwinelle DIS 107: 124 Wheeler (Alon) LEC: 155 Dwinelle

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Office Hours

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