CS 162: Operating Systems and System Programming

Instructor: David E. Culler
Lecture: TuTh 2:00-3:30PM, 10 Evans

Schedule (Tentative)

1W 08/28Section 0: Tools
Release HW0: Intro (Due 09/06)
Th 08/291Overview, User/Kernel virtualization, HW management, protected sharing [ppt]A&D Ch 1
2Tu 09/032Four Fundamental Concepts of Operating Systems [ppt]A&D CH2.1-7,10; skim 8.1Autograder Registration Deadline
W 09/04Section 1: x86, C, and OS Concepts
Th 09/053Process concepts, mechanisms, and representation [ppt]A&D Ch3, 4.4-6
F 09/06HW0 DueDrop Deadline (Early)
3M 09/09Release HW1: Lists, Threads, and Processes (Due 09/18)Release Project 1: User Programs
Tu 09/104Threads, Concurrency, and Synchronization [ppt]A&D 5.1-3, 5.7.1
W 09/11Section 2: Processes, Threads, Locks
Group Creation Deadline, Group TA Preference Deadline
Th 09/125File I/O, Syscalls to Interrupts [ppt]A&D 3.1-3, 5.8, 11.1-2Individual TA Preference Deadline
F 09/13
4M 09/16
Tu 09/176Scheduling Basics [ppt]3 Easy Pieces: ch 7, A&D 7.1Design Doc Due
W 09/18Section 3: Files and Basic Scheduling
Th 09/197Synchronization operations and concepts; locking strategies [ppt]A&D Ch 5
F 09/20HW1 Due
5M 09/23Release HW2: ShellCheckpoint 1
Tu 09/248Communication; socket API and relationship to concurrency and isolationReading TBA
W 09/25Section 4
Th 09/269Interprocess Communication, Remorte Procedure CallsReading TBA
6M 09/30Checkpoint 2
Tu 10/0110Advanced SchedulingA&D 7.2-8
W 10/02Section 5HW2 Due / Release HW3: Scheduling
Th 10/0311Concurrent objects, Deadlock avoidanceA&D Ch 6Project 1 Party
5-9 PM, 540AB Cory
F 10/04Code Due
7M 10/07Final Report Due
Tu 10/0812Address TranslationA&D Ch 8Midterm Review Session
8-10 PM, 10 Evans
W 10/09Section 6
Th 10/10Midterm Exam --- No LectureMidterm Exam
7-9 PM, Rooms TBA
8M 10/14Release Project 2: Threads
Tu 10/1513Virtual Memory, Paging, Mapping devices, relationship to schedulingA&D Ch 9
W 10/16Section 7HW3 Due / Release HW4: HTTP Server
Th 10/1714Virtual Machines, Containers, and EnclavesA&D Ch 10 and TBA
9M 10/21Design Doc Due
Tu 10/2215Persistence, Storage DevicesA&D Ch 11,12
W 10/23Section 8
Th 10/2416File system design; indexing and blocksA&D Ch 13
10M 10/28Checkpoint 1
Tu 10/2917Advanced file system designReading TBA
W 10/30Section 9HW4 Due / Release HW5: Memory
Th 10/3118Buffering, Caching, PerformanceReading TBA
11M 11/04Checkpoint 2
Tu 11/0519Reliability, Transactions, Log structuresA&D Ch 14
W 11/06Section 10
Th 11/0720Distributed Systems, Cloud, Service APIsReading TBAProject 2 Party
5-9 PM, 540AB Cory
F 11/08Code Due
12M 11/11Final Report Due
Tu 11/1221Key-Value storesReading TBARelease Project 3: File Systems
W 11/13Section 11HW5 Due / Release HW6: KV Store
Th 11/1422Guest: Eric Brewer - Google VP of InfrastructureReading TBA
13M 11/18Design Doc Due
Tu 11/1923Distributed StorageReading TBA
W 11/20Section 12
Th 11/2124Security Protocols, SSH, OAuth, BeyondCorpReading TBA
14M 11/25Checkpoint 1
Tu 11/2625MicroservicesReading TBA
W 11/27Thanksgiving Holiday --- No SectionHW6 Due / Release HW7: Cloud
Th 11/28Thanksgiving Holiday --- No Lecture
15M 12/02Checkpoint 2
Tu 12/0326Mobile, Embedded Topics: low powerReading TBA
W 12/04Section 13Project 3 Party #1
5-9 PM, 540AB Cory
Th 12/0527App compositionReading TBAProject 3 Party #2
5-9 PM, 540AB Cory
F 12/06HW7 DueCode Due
16M 12/09Final Report Due
Tu 12/10RRRFinal Exam Review
Th 12/12RRRFinal Exam Review
17Tu 12/17Final Exam (Group 5)Final Exam
8-11 AM, Rooms TBA

Weekly Schedule (Lecture and Sections)

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:30 DIS 115: 405 Soda (Will Walker)
10:00-10:30 DIS 101: 175 Barrows (Alex)
11:00-11:30 DIS 102: 105 Dwinelle (Alex) DIS 108: 405 Soda (Sam) DIS 114: 3105 Etcheverry (Sharie)
12:00-12:30 DIS 103: 107 GPB (Nick)
1:00-1:30 DIS 104: 3111 Etcheverry (Varsha) DIS 107: 405 Soda (Alan)
2:00-2:30 LEC: 10 Evans DIS 105: 9 Evans (Sharie) DIS 106: 405 Soda (Nick) LEC: 10 Evans DIS 109: 405 Soda (Annie)
3:00-3:30 DIS 110: 405 Soda (Annie)
4:00-4:30 DIS 111: 30 Wheeler (Yi) DIS 112: 120 Wheeler (Will Wang) DIS 116: 405 Soda (Jack)
5:00-5:30 DIS 113: 234 Dwinelle (Alan)

Please note that all events start 10 minutes after they are listed on the above calendar due to Berkeley time.

Office Hours

This calendar includes changes in the normal Office Hours schedule (cancellation and rescheduling).